Stroke 4 0W40
0W40 - 100% synthetic - JASO MA - API SL
STROKE4 - 0W40 is a 100% synthetic, ester-based lubricant specially developed for very high performance engines. It is perfectly suited to use in competitions and adapted to function in the most extreme conditions.
Avantages :
->Cold grade 0W
-Easier starting
-Improves upward gear changes.
->Hot grade -40
- Able to resist extremely high temperatures.
->Protects gearbox:
- Reduces the risk of clutch slipping with wear.
- Deposits an adherent fi lm on moving parts.
Thanks to its extremely high lubricating power, STROKE4 - 0W40 reduces friction, reduces oil consumption and increases the power of your machine.
Conditionnements disponibles :
Racing Off-Road Road